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Eye Surgery in Atmore, AL

Some people look good in glasses. You're not one of them. Contact lenses never rang your chime either. If you suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, and want to be free from glasses or contacts, you could be a candidate for PRK or Photorefractive Keratectomy surgery. Calling Dr. John T. Cooper is your first step to independence!


Dr. John T. Cooper specializes in refractive eye surgery, or PRK. This type of surgery, which pre-dated LASIK, corrects vision by re-shaping the cornea. Recovery from PRK takes a bit longer, but the results are on par with those of LASIK, and tend to last longer. Call for an evaluation and learn which option is best for you.  

Contents Under Pressure

Over 60 million people worldwide are estimated to have glaucoma, and most of them don't know they have it. Don't let this treatable condition steal your precious sight. If you start seeing rainbows or halos, have blurry vision that comes on suddenly, or pain pressure around your eyes, call Dr. John T. Cooper right away!  

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From Partly Cloudy to Mostly Sunny

Once upon a time, your vision was clear as a bell. These days, not so much. If you're over 40, diabetic, or have taken statin medications for any length of times, cataracts could be the culprit. The good news is, they're treatable with surgery. Call Dr. John T. Cooper to schedule a thorough eye exam today!
Eye Surgery

Optometrist in Atmore, AL

In addition to treating a full range of eye diseases, infections and allergy symptoms, Dr. John T. Cooper is an experienced practitioner of routine optometry services. Put us on your contact list for regular eye exams, glasses or contact lens prescriptions and photo-refractive vision correction surgery.

And You Thought Sunburns Were Bad

Summer isn't summer in Alabama without hopping on a boat and heading out on the ocean for a day or more. Year after year, though, all that fun in the sun takes its toll on your eyes. Protect them, and look good doing it, with the help of Dr. John T. Cooper. We carry Maui Jim and Costa Del Mar premium sunglasses. 

Set Your Sites on Good Vision for Life

Contrary to popular belief, losing one's vision is not a natural consequence of growing older. At Dr. John T. Cooper, we see our share of folks in the 60's and 70's whose eyesight remains sharp as a tack. What's their secret? Good genes help, as does good nutrition and regular eye exams. We can definitely help with two out of three! 
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Pioneered by People Like You

Maui Jim and Costa del Mar sunglasses were invented by people who love spending time at the beach or in the ocean. They found that store-bought sunglasses didn't protect their eyes from the intense effects of sunlight on water and a product was born. Visit Dr. John T. Cooper and browse our selection of these quality sunglasses today!
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