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Eye Doctor in Atmore, AL

Your grandchild growing up; sunset over the Gulf; the first blooms of spring. There is so much in this world to see. If vision problems are clouding your view, call Dr. John T. Cooper. We are a board-certified optometrist with a proven track record of successfully treating a multitude of eye conditions, including infections, allergies, cataracts and glaucoma. Your sight is precious. We'll help you protect it!

About Dr. Cooper

Dr. John T. Cooper graduated from the School of Optometry at University of Alabama Birmingham in 1988. He was Chief of Optometry at The Eye Center in Huntsville, and served as director of the Warfighter Refractive Surgery Program at the 81st Medical Group at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS. We now bring this experience to the citizens of Atmore, Brewton, Monroeville and the surrounding area.  

Look Your Life in the Eye

How would you do your job if you couldn't see? How would you take care of your family and pay the bills? Most of us will never have to answer that question, but if you ignore an eye infection, deteriorating vision or other eye problems, you just might. Call Dr. John T. Cooper at the first sign of trouble. Most eye diseases, if caught early, can be controlled or cured with medication, or treatments like PRK or LASIK.  

We've Set Our Sights On Your Better Vision

Ask anyone who has lost some or all of their sight, and they'll tell you without hesitation never to take your vision for granted. Dr. John T. Cooper agrees! When you need the services of an experienced, compassionate eye doctor with the training to pinpoint a host of potential threats to your vision, call or visit our office to make an appointment. We're also authorized dealers of Maui Jim and Costa Del Mar premium sunglasses. 

How Dry Eyes Affect You

You may see your chronic dry eye as a minor annoyance. At Dr. John T. Cooper, we see it as a very real problem. Left untreated, chronic dry eye can lead to scarring, and that can lead to lost vision. Don't tell yourself to "man up." Call us and give your eyes the protection, and the moisture they deserve. We can also treat eye problems resulting from allergies, diabetes or sports injuries. Visit us at 212 S. Main Street in Atmore, AL.  

Dry Eyes

Eye Infections in Atmore, AL

You tell our kids to wash their hands. You tell them, "keep your hands to yourself." Did they listen? If they did, they wouldn't have come home with a bad case of pinkeye or an ugly stye. Don't let it spread to the rest of your family or the neighborhood. Call Dr. John T. Cooper right away and stop contagious eye infections in their tracks. 

Helping a County See Better, Two Eyes at a Time

Dr. John T. Cooper is located at 212 S. Main Street in Atmore, AL. We are conveniently located for most residents of Escambia County, including Brewton and Monroeville. If you've just moved here and need an eye doctor, please call us and we'll let you know if you're in our service area. If you aren't, we'll help you find someone who is.

See Your Way Clear to See Your Way Here

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: good vision is integral to a happy and productive life. If concerns about potential cost are holding you back from treating an eye infection or early eye disease, they shouldn't. Dr. John T. Cooper accepts most insurance, or we can figure out other options. Your sight comes first!
Rubbing Your Eyes Won't Make the Problem Go Away, We Will.

An Eye in Both Camps

Dr. John T. Cooper has cared for the eyes of both civilians and members of our Armed Forces. For many years, he was Director of the Warfighter Refractive Surgery Program of the 81st Medical Group at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS. If our service men and women trust their vision to us, surely, you can, too!
Woman Trying On New Glasses